Friday, October 24, 2008

Ghajini - Aamir Khan First Look Pics

The Year's most awaited film

Imagine being one of the most successful businessmen in the country. Finding love, in a woman who loves you for who you are and not for your money and success.
Imagine having the perfect life... till someone destroys it all.

Ghajini Trailers | More News on Aamir Khans Ghajini

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kannada Diwali Release: Sangama

Golden Star "Ganesh" in Sangama is getting released for this diwali 2008. Golmaal Returns multistarring many heroes like ajay devgan, kareena kapoor is releasing in bollywood for this diwali 2008.


Aegan Review: Tamil Movie Release

Aegan Tamil Movie will get released this diwali, deepavali on October 27th 2008. Along with Aegan, Varanam Aayiram, Seval.

Aegan Song: Heybaby Song - Shankar Mahadevan
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Diwali, Deepavali Greetings: Diwali, Deepavali SMS, Diwali, Deepavali Wallpapers, Diwali Messages, Diwali Sweets, Diwali Dress, Diwali Fireworks

Diwali SMS Messages

Wish you a Happy Diwali.
Wish you a Happy Deepavali.
Happy Diwali.
Wish you a colorful diwali.
Wish you a festival of lights.

Deepavali Wishes in Tamil

Deepavali Nalvaltulgal.
thalai deepavali.
thala deepavali.
inia deepavali nalvalthukal

Deepavali Wishes In Hindi

deepavali ka shubh kamnaye
diwali tehwar ke shubh kamnaye
shubh deepavali

Deepavali Wishes In Kannada

deepavaliya shubhashayagalu
deepavali habbada shubhashayagalu

Deepavali Wishes In Telugu

deepavali shubhakankshalu

Deepavali Wishes In Malayalam

diwali asamsakal

Diwali Sweets

Special Sweet Stalls for Diwali in Chennai and South India.
Diwali Sweets can be purchased at Shri Krishna Sweets and Adyar Anandha Bhavan.
Sweet Stalls famous in Bangalore

Arya Bhavan, Kanthi sweets, MTR Sweets in Bangalore.

Diwali Dresses

Chennai Dresses:
Diwali Dresses can be purchased at Nalli, Pothys, RMKV, Kumaran Silks and Chennai Silks, Sri Krishna Collections
Bangalore Dresses:
Deepam Sarees, Vijayalakshmi Sarees, Prassidhi Sarees, Angadi Silks, Mysore Silk House, Golden Silks and Sarees. Anurag Silks and Sarees, Arvind Fashions, Ashok Silks and Sarees, Almas, Janardhana Silk House, Saradha Silks, Madura Coats Limited.
Mysore Dresses:
Mysore Saree Udyog.
MegaMart, Alankar Plaza, Forum, Garuda Mall, Shoppers Stop, Swadeshi, Shopper City, Platinum City, Sri Krishna Collections, Venkateshwara Silk House,Shantala Silks & Sarees. and a lot of chickpet area shops.
Coimbatore Dresses:
Mahaveers, SreeDevi Textiles, Chennai Silks, Ganapathi Silks, PSR & Sons.
Erode Dresses:
Barani Silks, Chennai Silks.
Villupuram Dresses:
Sree kannigha parameshwari textiles.

Diwali Fireworks

Diwali Fireworks can be purchased at Subhiksha outlets at a better price.
Standards Fireworks are the popular fireworks.

Diwali Games

Diwali Videos

Diwali Mobile Wallpapers

Mobile Wallpaper1

To Download it Click Here

Mobile Wallpaper2

To Download it Click Here

Mobile Wallpaper3

To Download it Click Here